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Gary Kasparov Teaches Chess Volume 1 - How to Play the Queen's Gambit

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It’s one of the biggest, most popular and influential openings of all time. Explore the origins and the ideas behind this fascinating opening with the greatest chess player in history. It is easy to use, gives you step by step lessons, learn the ideas behind the openings, and increases your overall understanding of chess. In more than 3 hours of video, Kasparov discusses the history and variations of the Queen’s Gambit and analyzes notable games while pieces move on a chessboard.


Gary Kasparov Teaches Chess Volume 1 - How to Play the Queen's Gambit

Gary Kasparov Teaches Chess Volume 1 – How to Play the Queen’s Gambit Gary Kasparov Teaches Chess Volume 1: How to Play the Queen’s Gambit: Video Games.

By R. Tobias

This is truly a rare treat. Garry Kasparov, quite likely the best openings expert in the history of chess, and World Champion for about 15 years, has here given a very valuable overview of one of the most fundamentally important openings in chess, the Queens’ Gambit Declined. The DVD is in the form of a games collection, with all of the major variations covered. Kasparov’s presentation is fascinating. He gives a blend of historical background and fundamental instruction. His accent is rather strong, but he is quite eloquent, charismatic and in general easy to understand. You will not get every theoretical variation that you would need to play the Queen’s Gambit at a high level with such a general overview, of course, but this DVD is so compelling and well done that any chess player from casual club player up to master (and probably beyond) will benefit from the presentation. Don’t miss the chance to get instruction from the player that many consider the strongest player of all time. Even if you don’t play the Queen’s Gambit you will profit from Kasparov’s explanations, and you will enjoy yourself as you learn! Very highly recommended.
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